Is the world ready for women to be diagnosed with ADHD?

The ADHD MUMS podcast is a safe place where real people with real stories can discuss their struggles with ADHD, motherhood and life. In this episode Jane McFadden interviews Katie Underwood on whether the world is ready to accept that women and girls can have ADHD too.

Katie discusses her misdiagnosis which took 36 years to be correctly diagnosed with ADHD and what strategies and tools she is using to thrive with ADHD four years on. Jane and Katie also discuss if life would have been different if she was correctly diagnosed earlier. 

**Trigger warning, suicide ideation is briefly mentioned in this episode**


Katie speaks about using Focus Mate as a body doubling tool to keep her on task. The link is below but please know this podcast is not monetised or sponsored in anyway. This is provided only for your convenience.


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About the Author Jane McFadden

Jane McFadden, former psychologist turned neurodiversity specialist, found her passion after a late ADHD and autism diagnosis. She's the founder of Australia's largest online psychology company, helping veterans with PTSD. Now, she hosts the popular podcast "ADHD Mums" and speaks on neurodiversity, focusing on women and girls. Jane resides on the Sunshine Coast with her family.

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