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About Jane


Jane McFadden has been studying and working in the Psychology industry for 18 years. She owns and has helped build one of the largest Psychology companies in Australia. She has a husband, 3 kids and lives on the Sunny Coast. She has battled periods of depression, anxiety, burnout and overwhelm her whole life and was finally diagnosed with ADHD at 35 years old. It answered all the questions and ignited her passion to help other women and girls avoid being misdiagnosed and wrongly medicated. With the right medication and therapy she is thriving like never before. Jane runs ADHD Mum’s, an Australian podcast that shares relatable stories from typical Aussie Mum’s on how they manage their ADHD whilst juggling motherhood, kids and family life. 

Great for struggling, burnt out Mum’s who want drop the perfectionism. Quality information from experts on diagnosis, medication, strategies for success and how to live a more balanced life as a woman with ADHD.