My Diagnosis Journey with Jasmine Meek Part 1

Jane is joined by Jasmine Meek - the Bayside Doula who is just about to meet a Psychiatrist to discuss a possible ADHD diagnosis.

Jasmine is married with two kids and is a post partum doula.

ADHD Mum's plans to follow Jasmine through the lead up to the appointment (this episode) plus catch up after the appointment and see if Jasmine is diagnosed with ADHD, then follow along the medication journey.


- What led up to Jasmine seeking a diagnosis?

- What was it about Motherhood that impacted her so heavily that she saw herself as possibly having ADHD?

- What steps did Jasmine take to get the referral/psychiatrist appointment and how long did that take?

- How a possible ADHD diagnosis has impacted Jasmine's life - particularly growing up as a child and teenager.

- How self esteem plays a role in her adult life.

- Transitioning from school to uni.

- What Jasmine is preparing in her appointment lead up - how can you really unpack this yourself to get clear

before the psychiatrist appointment

- How can Jasmine be clear on camouflaging in female ADHD and scaffolding with her Psychiatrist.

- How does ADHD effect the relationship with her husband - time blindness.

- Jasmine was diagnosed with anxiety and given medication - 12 months post partum.

- Jasmine and Jane discuss why it is we can't remember what day library is - every single bloody week.


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About the Author Jane McFadden

Jane McFadden, former psychologist turned neurodiversity specialist, found her passion after a late ADHD and autism diagnosis. She's the founder of Australia's largest online psychology company, helping veterans with PTSD. Now, she hosts the popular podcast "ADHD Mums" and speaks on neurodiversity, focusing on women and girls. Jane resides on the Sunshine Coast with her family.

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