Addiction and ADHD (Food and Alcohol)

On this episode of The ADHD Mums Podcast, Jane introduces Fiona McIntyre from Face Your Flaws Coaching, an expert on addiction and ADHD. Fiona, a life coach with over 20 years of experience, was diagnosed with ADHD at 47 and has successfully overcome addiction challenges. She shares her personal journey of losing 35 kilos and embarking on a sober lifestyle after 30 years of binge drinking. Fiona, a mother of two neurodivergent children, emphasises that a diagnosis is not an identity and is passionate about helping others facing alcohol, weight loss, and ADHD management challenges.

Jane and Fiona delve into the complexities of addiction, specifically focusing on food and alcohol, which they believe are prevalent challenges for ADHD mums. Fiona discusses her struggles with binge eating and binge drinking, highlighting the connection between ADHD, dopamine deficiency, and the pursuit of substances that provide a dopamine hit. Fiona emphasises the importance of addressing emotional issues, trauma, and self-esteem concerns that often underlie addictive behaviours.

Fiona speaks about her ADHD diagnosis journey, her experience with medication, and the role of self-beliefs in triggering addictive responses. Fiona advocates for narrative therapy to challenge and reframe the stories individuals tell themselves about their addiction. They explore alternatives to traditional support groups like AA, suggesting individualised approaches such as alcohol coaching, online communities, and personalised strategies tailored to each person's unique situation.

Fiona shares her motivational mantra, "I love myself enough to stay sober," and stresses the significance of understanding and challenging the narratives one creates around addiction. She concludes by encouraging individuals to seek support, embrace their personal strengths, and recognise that lapses are a normal part of the recovery process.

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