Transform Your ADHD Relationship Challenges into Strengths

Jane interviews Jessica Burgess, Psychologist on this expert view on Relationships (romantic) and ADHD.


Jane talks about how she is hyperactive ADHD and her husband has self diagnosed inattentive ADHD and how that can create friction.

Jess talks about her relationships and how these have worked over the last few years

Jane and Jess talk about dividing house tasks and the balance/battle on time.

Jess talks about little known reasons that ADHD can impact relationships.

How we can take responsibility for our symptoms and how they effect relationships

Jess explains how inattentive ADHD can look calm on the outside but the person will be hit with anxiety at some point.

Jess and Jane discuss how to communicate frustration in a way that's productive and helpful rather than creating conflict.

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About the Author Jane McFadden

Jane McFadden, former psychologist turned neurodiversity specialist, found her passion after a late ADHD and autism diagnosis. She's the founder of Australia's largest online psychology company, helping veterans with PTSD. Now, she hosts the popular podcast "ADHD Mums" and speaks on neurodiversity, focusing on women and girls. Jane resides on the Sunshine Coast with her family.

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