Life as an Inattentive Mum with Bessie Campbell

This episode of ADHD Mums features a conversation with Bessie Campbell, a typical Aussie Mum ADHDer who shares her journey of being late-diagnosed with a combined presentation of ADHD, Autism and complex PTSD. Bessie, a mother and a professional in social services, discusses the challenges of managing ADHD inattentiveness, incorporating rigorous systems to stay organized, and the identity crisis following her diagnosis.

The conversation touches upon the intersectionality of autism, ADHD, and complex PTSD in Bessie's life, highlighting struggles with identity, motherhood, and the exhaustive effort required to maintain semblances of organization.

Additionally, they delve into the societal perceptions of Autism and ADHD, discussing the implications of labelling these conditions as disorders versus differences.

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About the Author Jane McFadden

Jane McFadden, former psychologist turned neurodiversity specialist, found her passion after a late ADHD and autism diagnosis. She's the founder of Australia's largest online psychology company, helping veterans with PTSD. Now, she hosts the popular podcast "ADHD Mums" and speaks on neurodiversity, focusing on women and girls. Jane resides on the Sunshine Coast with her family.

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