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14. Bored and Tired. #Mumlifeburnout with Angie Nennie

Life feels like I’ve gotten on a one way rollercoaster to hell half the time and I can’t get off. Where’s the eject button?

All my life I’ve been either speeding on a highway or my car is still trapped in the garage. Where’s

the balance?

Angie Nennie has ADHD, is a mother of two and a professional ADHD coach we discuss:

– Why is parenting so incredibly bloody boring but also so tiring?

– What ADHD Mum friendly activities you can do with your child and actually have a good time?

– If and how much our children are developmentally behind all the other children

– Are ADHD children just ‘harder’ than other peoples?

– The surge of diagnosis of ADHD in Mother’s and Angie’s view on why that is.

– The spoon theory

– Angie’s personal experience with burnout and how she turned it around.

– How Angie shares the mental load with her husband.

– What strategies and tools we can use right now to try prevent burnout

If you’d like to work with Angie then please reach out to her here:

(Angie does a complimentary first session) and she is available for NDIS clients as

well as private.

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