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16. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and ADHD meds. Interview with Rose Callaghan

Rose Callaghan, ADHD Ambassador and Australian Comedian – the first person I have interviewed who was diagnosed with ADHD BEFORE getting pregnant. Check out her complex ride as I interview her on:

– Multiple psychiatrist visits to get a muddy answer on meds and pregnancy.

– Multiple psychiatrist visits to get a even muddier answer on meds and breastfeeding.

(But don’t worry there’s a study on rats and meth)

– How C-sections are the only operation when you are then handed a baby and told to prioritise

that over your own recovery.

– We get feminist on how unfair the gender roles are

– We get agro about misdiagnosis of teenage girls, wrong medication, wrong therapy.

– Rose has been considering doing a podcast for a long time but realises the commitment. Jane realises she probably should have thought about the

commitment before she started hers LOL.

*We both swear and also talk openly about medicating children in our uneducated opinion – any listeners should get medical advice*

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