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17. Mum’s just get to feel like shit for 10 years? Chats with Shantelle Poynter (Part 1)

I was supposed to be interviewing Shantelle on misdiagnosis but we went OFF TOPIC hardcore. I’ve kept the audio because it’s a rant about Mum life that I have with friends at pick up/drop off.

Topics covered:

– Shantelle’s GP was blown aware on her disclosure of the self hatred that comes to ADHD.

– Why is it that when a Mum goes to the GP or seeks help she is just told she has post natal depression

rather than tested for anything else?

– Should we overhaul the Australian education system?

– Why is the process to get medication for ADHD so bloody unfriendly to ADHD people 

– Shantelle’s misdiagnosis story and how anti depressants didn’t work for her.

– Should we medicate our kids? (Jane and Shantelle’s personal opinions)

– Meeting ourselves and our kids where we are at THAT day – not where society thinks we should be

**I wasn’t planning on publishing this audio so Shantelle and I have been swearing like sailors throughout

and when thinking about medication you should always consult your treating professional**

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