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18. ADHD and the family dinner pressure. Chats with Shantelle Poynter (Part 2)

I was supposed to be interviewing Shantelle but we became instant friends and went OFF TOPIC hardcore.

Part 2 in the Coffee chats with Shantelle- I’d go to Part 1 first.

Topics covered:

– Are ADHD Mum’s the WORST at self care? and why is that?

– Who created all the expectations on families to have dinner with their kids every night as a family and how bloody hard is that to do.

– We can create a safe haven for our kids to come home to after experiencing a world unfriendly to neurodivergent people.

– If we had of known about our diagnosis earlier, would we have natured ourselves or squashed ourselves? are we just TOO MUCH?

– Is ADHD hyper focus a super power or is it like a were wolf where it only comes out when the stars align, moon is full, wind is blowing right. The rest of the time ADHD is an absolute pest.

– Is there any group of people that looks after themselves LESS than ADHD Mums?

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