for Hot Tips from an ADHD Mum

20. Medication and Psychiatrists

Jane discusses her personal experience with medication and psychiatrists and answers FAQ:

– How do I access medication quickly?

– Should I see a psychologist or a psychiatrist what is the difference?

– I can’t get into a psychiatrist – should I see a Telehealth one?

– What is the difference between a Telehealth psychiatrist and an in person one?

– What is this going to cost me?

– Can I get Medicare rebates?

– I have medication but I don’t know if its working?

– If I’m hyperactive why would I take a stimulant?

– What medication should I ask for?

**This episode only exists because of the huge waitlist to get into see a psychiatrist and how difficult it is to get reviewed by any

health professional on ADHD medication. This isn’t an expert point of view, it is a personal experience, everyone should seek medical advice or see their treating prescribing for their professional opinion when varying their medication**

** is a resource you can go to if you need speedy professional opinion**

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