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26. School Holidays Shit Show

Not sure how people can enjoy school holidays?

– Jane talks on the the hit of depression as she rode her bike to the park with her son after 3 + weeks with kids at home.

– The huge melt down her son had at kindy over a ripped painting

– Jane applies to NDIS for funding and goes through adding ADHD as a secondary diagnosis

– Jane talks on how she sees labelling as positive to get NDIS funding and awareness in your parenting even

if you don’t communicate it to children.

– What do you do for Grandparents day with no grandparents for kids?

– Jane’s experience of Vyvance and how it helps with her anxiety and rage

– Jane’s loved Vyvance then lost it about 2 days in

– Jane’s last family holiday Noosa and what a disaster that turned out to be.

– Jane didn’t actually ask her husband to help with school holidays then was pissed off when he didn’t

help out.

– Influenza hit the house and in the recovery phase the ADHD from not doing anything for weeks hit hard

– Jane reaches out and asks for some help, what do you do in your school holidays? What works?

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