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31. Meltdowns with Tania Waring

Jane is joined by Tania Waring, a lawyer and advocate/care coordinator Mum of three neurodiverse boys. Tania has also completed her honours in Psychology and has just applied for a scholarship to begin her doctorate in the use of co-regulation to prevent and minimise meltdowns in the classroom. Tania is very passionate about inclusive education and improving outcomes for children with ADHD and autism.


– What is a melt down?

– How is a melt down different to a tantrum?

– What to do in a melt down?

– Parenting styles – what if one parent wants to try an approach to the other?

– What does a melt down feel like for a child?

– Anxiety from the parents – can feel like you are walking on egg shells.

– Can you prevent a melt down and how can you do that?

– Jane shares about her two boys and their melt downs which require the ‘replaying.’

– The toll on the parents

– Toll on the siblings and how can we prevent resentment.

– Jane asks the big question – ‘Why are we seeing the melt downs happen now, did corporal punishment work before?

Tania shares her final message. ‘Have Hope, Be Kind’

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