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36. Learning to holiday with ADHD and with ADHD kids with Shantelle Poynter

Jane interviews Shantelle Poynter (her most regular guest) on Holidaying with ADHD and ADHD kids.

This is a follow up interview from ‘Self Hatred and ADHD’ where Shantelle mentions at the end about

an upcoming holiday to Maryborough and that she would be holidaying differently this time.

Jane catches up with Shantelle after the holiday to see how it went.


– Why are holidays (with kids even more so) so hard?

– The impulsivity behind ‘extending the break’ by adding together public holidays

– What is the perfect amount of time to holiday?

– Creating an itinerary vs ‘letting go’

– Medication juggle – Shantelle teaches Jane about a delivery system that changes her world

– Shantelle discusses how she left for the holiday differently, travelled differently and whether it worked.

– Shantelle ‘let it go’ in terms of food – how did that go – and being hangry impact on kids.

– Jane and Shantelle discuss quantity of time vs quality of time

– Jane discloses a terrible impulsive holiday decision she made – that is non refundable and now panics

at the thought of it.

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