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38. Denied a Diagnosis (Part 2) with Jasmine Meek

Jane is joined by Jasmine Meek – they Bayside Doula for a f/up interview

on receiving a diagnosis.

The first episode 32. Preparing for a diagnosis appointment is a good one to start with

this episode is part two.


Jasmine discuss magic and time/space where she assumes she has enough time and is never

on time to appointments.

– Jasmine’s in person Psychiatrist really focuses on the lack of childhood symptoms in Jasmine’s


– Jane and Jasmine discuss the DSM5 and the ADHD criteria to fulfil the diagnosis requirements

including the childhood symptoms component.

– Jane has PMS and rants hard on the camouflaging symptoms and masking and how the system

is rigged against women.

– Jane continues her rant onto Psychiatrists, problem solving and the validation that we think we are going

to get there which in her opinion rarely happens.

– Jasmine speculates that she has been offered anti depressants and anti anxiety medication instead of stimulants

just because of the ‘street value’ of stimulants.

– Jane and Jasmine talk about childhood as high maskers and high camouflages which means they don’t have a lot

of childhood symptoms.

– Jane and Jasmine talk through Jasmine’s options and Jasmine talks about how this appointment is effecting her

as a mother.

**Jane and Jasmine are not medical professionals, this is a heated discussion rather than an expert information session.

You need to check with your medical professional on your medication and treatment options**

Episode Notes

DSM-5 for ADHD

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