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40. High Performance and ADHD with Jessica Burgess

Jane interviews Jessica Burgess (Psychologist and friend) on High Performance and ADHD.


– What is high achievement and how is it different to high performance?

– Women are praised for their ADHD traits but they are also sometimes detrimental to mental

and physical health.

– Does medication really dull the creativity and beauty?

– What are strengths for ADHD in the workplace?

– How does leadership look for ADHD and burnout?

– Why do ADHD so often start their own business?

– The interplay between perfectionism and ‘not feeling good enough’ and ADHD.

– Achievement cycles and how to stop doing it.

– Some strategies from Jess on how to align your values with what you actually do every week.

– Jane talks about wellbeing vs achievement at school.

– Should we disclose ADHD at work?

– How can we encourage more inclusion?

– Jane shares on her childhood and how it created a high achievement vortex that has proven her successful but at what cost?

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