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Advocating for your child’s success at school with Tania Waring

Jane is joined by Tania Waring, a lawyer and advocate/care coordinator mum of three neurodiverse boys. Tania is very experienced in advocacy for her children to get what they need at school. Tania has also completed her honours in Psychology and is passionate about inclusive education and improving outcomes for children in the schooling system.

Jane and Tania share personal experiences and highlight the need for more understanding and support from educators, as well as emphasising the importance of normalising these experiences and finding hope through the stories of others who have faced similar challenges.


  • What should you do if you find your classroom teacher doesn’t match your child’s personality?
  • How to handle teacher parent meetings
  • What can you do to get the best result
  • Does the squeaky wheel really get the oil?
  • How does allocation work?
  • What can we do at home to make it easier on our kids?

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Here is the book I mentioned I LOVED:

All the pieces of me by Libby Scott