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27. Sensory Overload with Deanna Reynolds

Are my kids the loudest kids in the world? Or can I just not cope with the noise.

Jane interviews Deanna Reynolds, an ADHD Mum with two children on the Sunshine Coast who is studying to

be a teacher. Deanna was diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year after advocating for herself for years and battling misdiagnosis that she was NOT just ‘anxious’

or a ‘tired Mum.’


– What is sensory overload?

– How does it impact Mothers?

– How does Deanna cope with burnout/sensory overload in her relationship with her husband.

– How has the awareness of Sensory Overload and ADHD impacted the understanding of herself.

– How does Deanna cope with having a small 18 month old child and the constant whinging/talking and crying.

– What strategies can we use to prevent or reduce the sensory overload as it’s happening.

– Deanna’s severe and debilitating anxiety attacks and how she can prevent them now knowing her diagnosis.

– Deanna is managing severe anxiety attacks with lifestyle changes and preventative measures – she isn’t able to receive

medication yet – Jane plans to follow her back up after she receives medication to see if it helps or not.

– The spoon theory – such a great take on ADHD and sensory overload

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