Interview with Matilda Boseley on the book 'The Year I Met My Brain'

On this episode of The ADHD Mums Podcast, Jane is joined by guest, Matilda Boseley who recently released the book 'The Year I Met My Brain.'

Matilda was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and she shares her tumultuous journey and the inspiration behind writing a guide based on her personal experiences. Jane and Matilda navigate the unique challenges of completing a project with an ADHD brain, and discuss the unexpected support Matilda received from her partner.

The conversation delves into the gender dynamics of ADHD, illuminating how societal expectations shape the experience differently for men and women. Matilda sheds light on the challenges faced by women in managing the mental load and the intersection of ADHD with gender roles and norms. They explore broader implications beyond individual experiences, offering valuable insights into the complexities of ADHD.

Matilda passionately critiques the hurdles in accessing proper ADHD diagnosis and treatment, highlighting the societal expectations contributing to the struggle. Jane and Matilda reflect on the resilience cultivated while navigating life with ADHD, emphasising the importance of embracing imperfections.

Thank you for listening! Make sure to check out Matilda’s book, ‘The Year I Met My Brain’, and leave a 5-star review if you enjoyed this episode!

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Jane McFadden, former psychologist turned neurodiversity specialist, found her passion after a late ADHD and autism diagnosis. She's the founder of Australia's largest online psychology company, helping veterans with PTSD. Now, she hosts the popular podcast "ADHD Mums" and speaks on neurodiversity, focusing on women and girls. Jane resides on the Sunshine Coast with her family.

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